Welcome to Hayford Cardinal Holdings, Inc.

Hayford Cardinal Holdings, Inc. is a private holding company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of manufacturing, industrial service, retail, agricultural industries and value-added distribution companies. We focus exclusively on investing in companies in the U.S. and Canadian lower middle-market with annual revenues of up to $100 million that have an established track record of historical operational success.
At Hayford, we recognize that growing mid-sized companies requires far more than just financial expertise. Our goal is to drive value and growth for our portfolio companies using our skills, industry experience and expertise.

Our Investment Management Services

With Hayford Cardinal Holdings, you can expect growth for your business as well as financial assets even as you work on selling them.

Our comprehensive portfolio of investment management services include:

  • Developing exit strategies for aging sellers and business owners.
  • Investment strategies and equity management for baby boomer businesses.
  • Investment management for lower middle market companies.
  • Debt and equity financing.

Partner with Hayford Cardinal to gain an exit strategy.

Hayford Cardinal Holdings, Inc.