Value-driven Financial Management Services

Whether you are a small-medium business looking for growth via equity investment, debt financing or an aging owner looking for an exit strategy, you can trust Hayford Cardinal Holdings, Inc. for helping you successfully trail through any financial transition.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our strategy is focused on private equity business. We hold a strong track record as an independent, employee-owned private markets investor catering to U.S. and Canadian businesses. We offer investors the right value proposition for their private equity assets portfolios through our equities investment programs and strategies.

Hayford Cardinal Holdings, Inc.

Exit Strategies for baby boomer businesses

The demographics of U.S. and Canadian business ownership are going through a drastic shift. With this change underway, many baby boomer business owners, who are at the brink of retirement have now began to contemplate their exit planning strategies. Hayford Cardinal Holdings understands the importance of a perfectly timed and planned exit for an aging business owner. Our investment exit strategies are focused on giving these entrepreneurs the right value for business as well as an organic ownership where they can have the flexibility to still be an active part of their family-owned business while cashing on the returns for their retirement.

Managing lower middle market companies

Measured in terms of the firm’s annual revenue, lower middle market is the lower end of the economy’s middle market segment. Having worked with various lower middle market companies in strategic and financial planning, reporting and optimization, we understand the challenges faced by these companies and that’s why our services go beyond just proving capital investments and financial growth.

The team of lower middle market financial experts at Hayford Cardinal Holdings can help devise investment strategies for your family-owned business.